Best Web Design Trends 2020

Web design is the art that attracts visitors to stay on your site. The first impression of your visitor when they visit your web site will be your design. Here we are presenting the best web design trends 2020.

That was a day when your traditional website used to work. Even a simple website that did not follow the basic designing technique used to get a large number of visitors. But today if you want to attract visitors we must follow the latest web design trends.

Web technologies have evolved tremendously over the years. And with the new technologies, web design is also able to break new ground. Being a website owner you should always keep eyes on a new design which follows the basic to advance norms of web designing.

Since web design does not exist in a vacuum but also has to be implemented technically, web design trends are strongly influenced by technical innovations and possibilities and vice versa.

If you look from an SEO point of view well-managed design and well-optimized web sites are always given priority by search engines. Trends are temporarily tied to a time and then disappear after a certain time.

Responsive web design deserves a permanent place in modern web design.

Now let us move to our main concern, Here we are now listing modern web design trends 2020

Best web design trends 2020:

Mobile-First Responsive Design :

The conventional desktop PC is being increasingly replaced by mobile devices. Even Google is gradually changing its search index to mobile. Modern web design is now following the Mobile-first approach.

There was a trend of responsive design but most of the designers used to follow a desktop-first approach and give less priority to the mobile-first approach.

But now mobile users are skyrocketing which forced web designers, website owners to follow the mobile-first approach. First, the website for the smartphone is developed and this website should then adapt to larger screens.

You can learn more about responsive design from

Use of Colors:

Keep in mind that make use of pleasing colors. Don’t use the color that disturbs the eyes of the visitors. Research shows color psychology influence people visiting your website. Choosing the right colors makes the website impressive and the first impression is everything.

The use of vague colors makes people annoying. When building a site, choose colors carefully because different colors symbolize different messages. Decide with will be your primary color and secondary color and make proper use of it. 

By choosing the right color palette for your website, you can change the perception of the people of your brand. Don’t forget to use a color that reflects your brand.

Use Clean Typography :

Fonts are the important ingredients of the website. Words add much value and sense to your website. Most of the web designers, web professionals might not have an idea about font typefaces. But creative typography is a great source of inspiration for many web designers. 

Creative use of fonts adds beauty to your website. Proper use of font size, font weight, font styles can make the words clear and attractive.

Meaningful Layout with CSS Grid:

The web is becoming increasingly complex. Good web design has to adapt to all device sizes. This would involve a very high level of technical effort. The layout of the website matters a lot. Don’t mesh up with the layout. Try to make a clean and meaningful layout.

Modern web designers love to follow grids layouts. Grid layout is taking its height among the web designers. Trying the asymmetrical layout is not a bad idea. 

Proper Whitespace is a good idea:

Moder website nowadays seems comfort in the use of purposeful whitespace. Whitespace is all about leaving empty areas. Sometimes it looks like a waste of space but in fact, proper use of whitespace makes the website layout awesome.

Whitespace on a website nowadays seems to be attractive. Little white space between two elements makes visitor eyes painless and visitor eyes will view them separately. 

Hamburg menu- Let’s use it:

Who does not know the three lines, mostly in the upper corner of the smartphone? This menu is used in all most all websites. Why not to try the Hamburg menu in desktop view?

At that time, this element was created because desktop navigation cannot be displayed on small screens. And because it’s so beautiful, the Hamburg menu is now being used more and more on the desktop.

Hover effects :

When you interact on a website and something happens as a result, we’re talking about a micro-interaction. The most prominent example would be the mouse-over effect and animations. This makes the website interesting and motivates the user to dive deeply as possible. 

Hover animation is also a factor to make a good looking website. It invites you to interact as much as possible with the website and to discover the content. In addition, a website with micro-interactions is more interactive and binds the user better.

Performance of the website : 

Pagespeed has become an important ranking factor in the today’s internet world. You should design and developed the website in such a way that it loads faster. Though design and development are not only one factor for website speed but considering it while starting is good practice.

Your server also determines the speed of your website. For reliable and fast Web hosting you can visit our web hosting page and order the hosting as per your need. 

Animated GIFs and Infographic images:

The use of animated GIFs and infographics are increasing in today’s modern websites. Today, animated GIFs are also used on modern websites to attract attention or to represent facts with a small animation, without using a video.

In this respect, the use of GIFs is an alternative to videos and the animation gives the website visitor the impression of a dynamic website. The use of infographic images seems to have gained tractions because it looks and feels authentic. The use of 3D designs gives users somethings interesting.

Scroll position – Position Indicator:

A completely new web design trend is the position indicators or the percentage of how much the user has already scrolled. You can see this trend here and here as an example. In my opinion, this little gimmick improves the user interface and shows the user exactly how much content he has already scrolled and how much is left. This trend is very suitable for blogs and especially long scrolling pages.

To Sum Up

The website design has developed a lot not only in terms of visual presentation but also in terms of technology. Having a traditional website will no longer impress the visitor. Not only visitor it also will leave a bad impression in SEO. 

Here we present the best web design trends 2020. We hope you enjoyed this article. There are many more trends that we might miss. Comment below what other trends you are following.

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