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Yes, what you saw in the title is right. It is free to register .np domain both for personal and organizational use. Register free np domain with ease.

Mercantile Communication Pvt Ltd (Mercantile Nepal) is providing free .np domains for all Nepalese citizens.

By following the simple procedure, you can register the .np domain for free. It will just take you a few minutes for domain registration.

Before applying for domain registration, you must have a scanned copy of the following documents.

  1. Scanned copy of Nepalese citizenship or Passport or voter card or driving license.
  2. Cover letter
  3. Valid Email Address
  4. Valid Nameserver

Now let’s proceed for .np domain registration.

Register free np domain

Step 1: Check domain availability

First of all, check the required domain is availability. You can check domain availability on, official website of Mercantile Nepal.

You can see the Check domain availability option where you can enter your domain name and check whether it is available or not.

register free .np domain

If the required domain is available you can proceed further. Click Register now button. If the domain is not available you need to find the next domain for you. Remember your domain should reflect your name/organization.

free .np domain registration

Step 2: Create User and Provide User Details

At this point, you first need to register your account. For that, you need to signup and fill the user details.

free .np domain
Create user here

Here you need to provide your full name, email and password.

domain registration

Step 3 : Confirm the Email

mercantile free domain registration

Now its time to confirm your email. After providing the details you will get the email with a confirmation link.

Open the link and now your account is created successfully.

Step 4: Provide Name Server

Here you will be asked for nameserver given by hosting provider. Nameserver differs as per the hosting providers.

register free domain

Here is the sample of nameserer (NS):

Step 5: Provide Administrative Contact and Technical Contact

You need to provide the Administrative contact and Technical contact. The administrative contact is the contact of the domain owner whereas Technical contact is the contact of the technical department who looks at your website and domain.

process of .np domain registratoin

You can skip the technical contact by checking copy administrative contact.

register free .np domain

Step 6: Upload the Scanned Documents

As I have said earlier you must have the scanned copy of your Citizenship or Passport or Driving License and Cover Letter for domain registration.

free .np domain registration

Upload and save the documents.

free domain registration

After uploading the documents you can see the REQUEST DOMAIN button. By clicking the requested domain you completed the process for registering the .np domain.

register .np domain free

Now you need to wait for 2-3 business days for your domain approval. If everything is valid and your domain name match with your documents then they will approve your domain.

If documents are not valid and your domain name does not match with your documents then your request might be rejected.

Now you might be thinking about writing a cover letter for .np domain registration.

Sample of Cover Letter For .np Domain Registration 

Without a cover letter, you cannot apply for .np domain registration. So, here, we will be focusing on a sample of cover letter for the .np domain registration request.

A cover letter is a document or letter that explains the reason why you’re sending it and why you’re the best fit for the requirements. The cover letter contains detailed and specific information according to the requirements.

The verification of your identity is needed and the domain name should match your name. You can check domain availability, from the official site of MOS then register it if available. Name Server (NS) provided by the hosting provider should also be provided.

Submission of a cover letter is a must for .np domain registration. Thus, we’ve presented a sample of cover letter for your reference.

Sample of cover letter for np domain registration for individuals.

Sample of cover letter for .np domain registration

Sample cover letter for np domain registration for the organization.

sample of covre letter for np domain registration

Remember you need to use your official Letter Pad, Stamps, and signature of the head for official domain registration for the organization.

Since the Cover letter is mandatory for domain registration, every domain registration should provide a cover letter for their domain registration request.

Final Thoughts.

This article is only for the registration of .np domain. We hope that this article will be useful to you.

If you face any problem during and after registration of your domain you can comment below and HAMROHAAT team will be happy to help you.

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